Why was comfortis for dogs discontinued?

I’ve been searching online for my preferred flea preventative, but it seems it was replaced by a new product. I’m curious about why this change happened. Is there something wrong with the old one?

In my experience, the old product, which contained spinosad, has worked much better for me compared to other popular brands. I’m wondering if spinosad will still be available over the counter, or if there are any changes in its availability or formulation that I should know about.

Companies frequently update or stop producing items for a variety of reasons, such as better formulas or modifications to regulations. Flea preventatives containing spinosad may still be accessible under other names or formulas. Speak with a veterinarian to learn about other alternatives or to find out about any changes in product availability or formulation that could impact your favorite.

I understand your concern about the change in flea preventative products and wanting to ensure the continued effectiveness of the treatment for your pet. It’s not uncommon for companies to update or replace products for various reasons, such as improvements in formulation, changes in regulations, or shifts in market demand.

Regarding the availability and formulation of spinosad-based flea preventatives, it’s essential to do some additional research or consult with a veterinarian to gather accurate information.

While spinosad may still be available over the counter in some formulations, there could be changes in availability or formulations that you should be aware of.