Why is My Dog Laying on My Stomach?

Hi good people. My dog keeps laying on my stomach. What could be the issue?

@insuranceguru you lucky blood :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :rofl: I can’t even get my cat to sleep on my belly.

Your Pet Dog is showing affection and incredible trust in you while at the same time wanting to feel secure in the knowledge he is not alone.

The sound of your heartbeat reminds him of his mother, and that comforts him.

There is no problem with your pet dog it only has separation Anxiety, wants to feel protected or they are showing affection.

My dog always do that to my small sister that is a sign of affection i guess. You should not worry cuz there is nothing wrong with your dog.

You should not worry about your dog laying on your

Its because they lay all over each other.

It’s why they call it a dog pile. If they lay on you, they are claiming that you are part of their group.