Why is my cat always hungry?

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I wonder whether anyone else has had this experience. My cat is hungry all the time—why? She always seems to be pleading with me for more food, regardless of how much I feed her. Nothing seems to please her even though I have tried changing the type of food and the feeding schedule. Has anyone else had to deal with a cat who is always hungry? Are there any underlying health concerns I should be aware of, or is this typical behavior for certain cats? I would be grateful for any guidance!


It can be a health problem or just normal. Try feeding the cat more often and in smaller portions. See a veterinarian to rule out conditions like as diabetes or hyperthyroidism.

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Appetite varies in cats; see a veterinarian to rule out medical problems. While some cats are inherently driven by food, extreme hunger may indicate a more serious issue that requires evaluation and guidance from a specialist.

Every day at the SAME time, my cat receives food from an automatic feeder at least twice a day. Despite this, he acts as if he has never seen food before. Ideal weight, somewhat overweight. Previously fat, but a diet helped to kill that habit.