Why do male dogs hump each other?

Every time I take him to the park, he’s fine, playing a lot with the other dogs. But there’s this one dog that, when he shows up, my dog starts obsessively trying to mount him and ignores all other dogs. It’s not unhealthy, just annoying because I have to tie him up when they leave.

He’s fixated on trying to mate with this other male, and I don’t understand why. I heard the other dog was neutered, so I’m not sure if that’s related. I also read about territorial behavior, but my dog does the humping motion too (I also read about dog masturbation).

I’m planning to neuter my dog soon, but I’m curious why this happens only with that one dog every time.

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Understanding the context in which the behavior of humping occurs can help determine the underlying cause of the act and If the behavior is excessive or problematic you will have to consult with a veterinarian or a professional dog trainer which may be beneficial. To dogs humping is a natural behavior that does not carry any moral implications and often, they are overly excited in play and so they resort to humping that is the end of it. Dogs again hump to show dominance.

Dogs mount other dogs out of enthusiasm, arousal, anxiety, or tension. Without observing the interaction, it’s difficult to determine what is prompting your dog to mount this particular dog. I’d imagine your dog is overstimulated in the park setting.