Which over-the-counter flea treatment is best for cats?

I have a boy and girl cat, both fixed, who stay indoors but like to go outside during the day. I’ve been using Advantage 2 on them. It works well for about half the month, but by week 3, they start scratching more and more. When I got them fixed, I used Frontline, but it didn’t work well. I can’t afford frequent vet visits for flea treatments. These cats were basically given to me when their feral mothers showed up in my yard. I love them dearly and won’t give them up. I also care for other feral cats that have appeared over time. They get their shots, but I can’t afford regular vet visits for flea treatments. What’s the best over-the-counter medicine I can use instead?

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Unfortunately, there is no genuinely trustworthy over-the-counter drug that provides month-long flea and tick control in the same way as prescription medications do.