What should I do if my senior dog has been diagnosed with a heart murmur?

Hey everyone, sorry if this isn’t the right spot for this, but I could really use some reassurance. Today at the vet, they discovered that my dog has a heart murmur during a routine check-up. It’s been on my mind all day, and I’m feeling really anxious about it.

He’s turning 12 soon, and he’s my first dog ever. The vet mentioned it’s just a stage 2 murmur, but they want us to see a cardiologist in about six months to be sure. I’m worried sick that things might take a turn for the worse suddenly.

Has anyone else experienced this with their dog? I’d love to hear some stories of dogs who’ve lived happily with heart murmurs or heart disease after diagnosis. It’d really help me feel better right now.

Thanks, guys.

A heart murmur in an aging canine may raise concerns, but proactive measures can support their health. Consulting a vet, monitoring symptoms, adhering to treatment plans, and promoting a balanced lifestyle are vital. Despite murmurs, many senior dogs lead fulfilling lives

A heart murmur is not something to joke with especially if your dog is aging.
They can be really dangerous and can even lead to the death of your pet.

Therefore the best option available is just consult with an experienced vet who may figure it out on how to treat your pet.