What are some of the must haves to welcome newborn puppies?

My dog is about to give birth for the first time but I am still confused over things to ready myself with other than warm blankets to shield them from cold.

Get ready for puppy cuddles :pleading_face:

These are the things that you must have: a cozy whelping box, a heating lamp & thermometer, puppy food (and formula if needed!), a water dish, and some fun toys for later.

Before your Dog gives birth these are the things that you have and a Must do:

  • Whelping Box: Create a safe, warm space for the mother and puppies. It should be spacious enough for the mother and secure for the puppies.
  • Warmth: Use a heating pad or lamp to keep the whelping box at 85-90°F, as puppies can’t regulate their body temperature.
  • Feeding: If necessary, use puppy milk replacer with a bottle or syringe, following the product’s instructions.
  • Monitoring: Regularly weigh puppies with a digital scale and watch for signs of illness like lethargy or vomiting.
  • Comfort: Provide soft blankets and towels for warmth and hygiene.
  • Veterinary Care: Ensure regular check-ups and immediate care for any signs of illness.

Caring for newborn puppies is demanding. If overwhelmed, seek help from a vet or local animal rescue.

Here are the things you might need when you dog gives birth:

  • Whelping Box: Ensure a safe, quiet area with washable bedding for the puppies.
  • Heating Lamp & Thermometer: Maintain warmth for the pups at 85-90°F in the initial days.
  • Puppy Food & Formula: Keep on hand for supplementation if necessary.
  • Shallow Water Dish: Crucial for the nursing mother.
  • Toys: Introduce stimulating toys once the puppies open their eyes.

For extra assurance, have your vet’s contact info ready for any emergencies. You’re on your way to being a great puppy parent!

Get ready for puppy cuddles :heart_eyes:

@PETSYPETSY Must-haves: cozy whelping box, heating lamp, thermometer, puppy food (and formula if needed!), water dish.