Step by step dog workout in stairs before bed!

I’m looking for a piece of furniture or really any ideas on what to buy. My 50lb dog likes to sleep on my bed (and I enjoy him up here) but it’s quite high, and every time he jumps back to the floor I cringe thinking of the impact on his shoulders/spine. I’m afraid he’s going to get injured… I’ve considered stairs but my bed is too high, plus my dog uses them to go on my bed, but not down. Getting down is the main concern so that’s not helpful. Any recommendations on what I can do besides stop letting him up? I think he thinks I’m punishing him for something now that I’m not letting him up :disappointed:

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Consider investing in a dog ramp specifically designed for high beds. It will provide a gentle incline for your dog to safely descend without putting stress on his shoulders and spine.

It’s understandable to be worried about your dog’s health.

The high jumps can definitely put stress on their joints.