Signs your dog imprinted on you

I have a beautiful lab spaniel mix, her name is luna. but every night, she’ll sleep with me, on the foot of the bed. she doesn’t even care if i sleep on her, whether it being my feet or body. she sleeps with me 90% of the time. 10% being with anyone else. yeah. she sleeps with others, but rarely!

and i looked it up, but it only showed me something about warmth and comfort. but i feel like it’s something deeper… i could be wrong.

anyone, please help. opinions needed!

You are not wrong. Your dog may be deeply attached to you because she shows the signs of attachment.
Other signs which show that your dog is imprinted on you include:

  • Affectionate Gestures
  • Intense Eye Contact
  • Following You Closely
  • Behavior Mimicry
  • Readily Obeying Commands
  • Seeking Your Companionship
  • Relaxed Body Language around you

Signs that a dog is imprinting on you include seeking or maintaining eye contact, displaying happiness and excitement around you, licking you affectionately, appearing relaxed in your presence, learning your routines and preferences, and showing protectiveness towards you.