Pet Microchip Lookup

What’s the top microchip database in the United States?

Hey guys, My dog has a microchip, but I haven’t signed up for any database. There are many databases in the United States, and they have different prices. I don’t care much about the cost, I just want to pick a database that vets and rescuers will actually look at. Can you help me choose?

You’re absolutely right, having a microchip is only half the battle! Without registering it in a database, that chip is basically a secret code no one can crack. The good news is you’re on it, and I can help you pick a database that maximizes your furry friend’s chances of coming home safe.

Here’s the thing about databases in the US: there isn’t one single national system. Instead, there are several large ones, and vets and shelters typically check a few of the most popular ones when they scan a lost pet’s microchip.

Here are the top two contenders to consider:

  • HomeAgain: This is a widely recognized database with a good reputation. They offer lifetime registration for a one-time fee, which can be a good value Since you mentioned cost isn’t a major concern, this might be a good fit. Here’s more about them on their website: HomeAgain pet microchip:
  • PetLink: Another well-known option, PetLink also offers lifetime registration. They have a slightly different pricing structure than HomeAgain, so it might be worth checking their website for details and see which one works best for you. You can find more information here: PetLink microchip:

Here’s the kicker: To really up the odds of a reunion, consider registering your dog’s microchip with BOTH HomeAgain and PetLink. While some vets and shelters might check several databases routinely, it doesn’t hurt to cover all your bases.

By registering your dog’s microchip with a reputable database (or two!), you’re giving yourself peace of mind knowing you’ve done everything you can to ensure a happy homecoming if your pup ever gets lost.