Looking for a sofa protector for dogs?

My dad’s little dog keeps peeing on the furniture while she sleeps. We’ve taken her to the vet many times, but it seems like she’s just old and her bladder isn’t as strong anymore. The vet suggested using diapers and pee pads, but they haven’t worked well.

My dad is trying to train her not to go on the furniture, but it’s hard because our apartment doesn’t have extra rooms to keep her in. He’ll have to put her in a crate whenever he can’t watch her closely, but he doesn’t want to leave her in there too long.

I want to find a cover that will actually stop the pee from getting on the sofa. Most covers on the market aren’t fully waterproof. I’m thinking of getting a big sheet of plastic or vinyl instead. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

Since accidents might happen, consider getting a cover that’s washable and easy to clean. This will make the process less stressful for you and your dad.

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Hey Amanda! That sounds tough. For a waterproof solution, you might want to look into SureFit or Gorilla Grip slipcovers. They’re pretty effective and machine washable.