Let me warn you about fetch pet insurance

Today I Learned About Fetch Pet Insurance’s Shady Practices :rage:

So, today I found out that Fetch Pet Insurance has this high-loss ratio policy where they basically drop your coverage to ridiculously low amounts if you’re not making them a profit. You have no say in it. :exploding_head:

In simpler terms: if you’re not a profitable customer for them, it’s goodbye/take what you can get. While this seems legal (they say their terms are only for 12 months at a time), it’s completely contradictory to their claim of “we will never penalize you for making claims.” This is definitely a penalty. :roll_eyes:

And get this—the company is estimated to make $34 million in revenue a year. :money_with_wings:

Pet insurance: A total scam. :no_entry_sign:

Anyone else dealt with this nonsense? :thinking::paw_prints:

I don’t believe all pet insurance is a scam. I use Embrace and have had two claims for two different dogs, each for $3,500, and both were honored after I submitted my bills. I just received the renewal for our youngest dog, and the premium barely increased. We pay $25 a month for our 1-year-old dog and $47 a month for our 10-year-old dog, both medium-sized mixed breeds. Neither dog’s coverage has been reduced, and they are covered for up to $10,000 per year with a $1,000 deductible that decreases yearly if there are no claims. The premiums increase slightly each year as the pets age. I don’t want to face a $10,000 life-or-death decision for our dogs.