Lemonade pet insurance reviews

If you’re considering Lemonade pet insurance because of their competitive rates, beware. Last year, I shopped around and found them to be the cheapest option, and they seemed like a reputable, albeit new, company.

Nine months into the policy, my dog tore both ACLs. I confirmed with Lemonade that both TPLO surgeries would be covered, given their six-month waiting period. However, when I submitted my claim, it was denied for a pre-existing condition. This supposed pre-existing condition was my dog having a benign tumor on his front leg, which was examined in the fifth month of the policy. Lemonade explained that the vet notes did not specify which leg was examined, so they assumed the issue began then. The agent I spoke with seemed sympathetic and acknowledged that a tumor has no effect on the ACL, regardless of the leg.

I appealed the decision and my vet agreed to assist with the appeal. However, a couple of weeks later, Lemonade informed me that the appeal was denied because the vet did not respond. When I spoke with my vet (the one listed on the vet note) again, they insisted that Lemonade never reached out to them! After several hours of phone calls, Lemonade still would not allow me to appeal again, leaving me $10,000 out of pocket without ever having used the insurance.

Dealing with this situation and their terrible policies has been incredibly frustrating. It’s a tough pill to swallow.

I’ve been using Lemonade and they’ve been really good. However, I had to file claims for an urgent visit and a sick visit this year, so I’m worried they might drop us or increase our rates a lot. I’ll handle it if or when that happens.