Is a scam?

Hey everyone, I’m wondering if anyone knows if is a scam. I’m trying to register my dog as an emotional support animal, and they’re saying I need to get an ESA letter, and that a therapist will contact me. I’m feeling unsure about it because they ask for payment upfront.

It’s understandable to feel uncertain when dealing with online services, especially when payment is required upfront. claiming to provide Emotional Support Animal (ESA) registration and requiring payment before providing a service raises some red flags. Legitimate ESA services typically involve a licensed mental health professional evaluating your need for an ESA and providing an ESA letter accordingly. It’s crucial to verify the legitimacy of the organization by researching reviews, checking for accreditation or certification, and ensuring they comply with legal requirements for ESA documentation. Additionally, be cautious of services that guarantee quick approvals or seem overly eager to take your money without proper evaluation. It may be worthwhile to seek guidance from reputable sources such as mental health professionals or organizations dedicated to animal-assisted therapy to ensure you’re following the correct and ethical process for registering your dog as an Emotional Support Animal.

Also, be wary of websites or services that offer ESA registration without a thorough evaluation from a licensed mental health professional. Legitimate ESA letters require a genuine assessment of your mental health condition and the therapeutic benefit of having an emotional support animal. While some online platforms may claim to provide quick and easy registration processes, they may not be following the necessary legal and ethical guidelines. It’s essential to prioritize your well-being and ensure that any ESA services you use are reputable and compliant with regulations. Consider seeking advice from trusted mental health professionals or organizations specializing in ESA assistance to navigate the process safely and ethically. seems to be a red flag. They offer “registration” for service dogs, but in the US, there’s no official registry for them. Real service dogs are trained to help people with disabilities, and their legitimacy comes from that training, not a website. This website also sells “registration” for emotional support animals (ESAs), but an ESA letter needs to come from a licensed mental health professional, not a website. It’s best to avoid and look for reputable resources for service dogs or talk to a therapist about an ESA.