Is it safe for dogs to consume applesauce?

Hey, I’ve got a question about dog nutrition. So, my sister’s dog, which is a small breed, gets kibble mixed with applesauce and peanut butter every day. Is that a safe practice?

Lately, the pup has been vomiting more frequently, possibly because it’s gobbling up the food too fast due to its love for the applesauce. I’ve read mixed opinions online about whether applesauce is good for dogs.

Some sources suggest it’s okay as an occasional treat, while others don’t mention any limitations, and a few even imply that they give their dogs applesauce daily.

Can you shed some light on this?

I would say its not bad as a treat. But you’re giving that dog a lot of sugar. Kiddle mixed with applesauce and peanut butter sounds like a lot of sugar. It could have diabetes you know, that’s if you continue this daily trend.