Is embrace pet insurance good?

Just a few weeks ago, I filed a claim for my dog’s elevated liver enzyme levels, which have been a concern for the past couple of months. I’ve been insured with Embrace Pet Insurance since August 2021, with an annual deductible of $750. So far this year, I’ve incurred around $1400 in expenses for diagnoses, liver pills, ultrasounds, and more. Unfortunately, my claim was denied because Embrace cited a case of “bloody stool” from May 18, 2021, as a pre-existing condition. This reasoning doesn’t make sense to me at all. “Bloody stool” is a symptom, not an underlying cause. Plus, how could it be related to my dog’s elevated enzyme levels now, especially given that it occurred so long ago?

I’ve also had a claim denied in the past for a dental extraction due to another supposed pre-existing condition loophole.

It’s frustrating to pay $90 per month only to encounter these issues with coverage. If anyone knows of better pet insurance providers, I’m open to suggestions!

Embrace Pet Insurance is a reputable company that makes pet ownership more affordable as it offers flexible policy options, affordable rates, and opportunities to save on coverage. However, it may not be suitable for pets that are over 14 years old, as they are not eligible for enrollment. Embrace Pet Insurance can be a good option for pet owners who want to have peace of mind and avoid high veterinary bills.

However be informed that Embrace accident and illness insurance has its exceptions that are not covered like:

  • Pre-existing conditions, except for curable conditions that haven’t recurred in at least a year.

  • Expenses associated with breeding or pregnancy.

  • Illness or injury due to fighting, racing or mistreatment.

  • Cosmetic procedures.

  • Wellness care.

  • Prescription supplements or diets (unless you’ve added Wellness Rewards).

But if I may advise you of a better pet insurance provider, I can suggest you try ‘Trupanion Pet Insurance’

@PetLoverPam I dislike Embrace too! They persuaded my partner to get a completely new insurance policy instead of just taking out my dog who died from our current one. This made us start waiting all over again, and during that time, my cat got diagnosed with two different types of cancer! I had to pay for one of her surgeries (I could only afford one) all by myself. They didn’t pay for anything and wouldn’t even cover her check-up appointments or medicines. Now, they only cover emergencies, and only if it’s not related to any of the problems my pets have had before.

Wow, that’s incredibly frustrating.

Denials based on pre-existing conditions can be a real challenge with pet insurance.

It sounds like you’ve had more than your fair share of this with Embrace.

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