Is dawn ultra safe for cats

Is it okay to wash my cat with Dawn Ultra dish soap? I am not sure if it is gentle enough for routine washes, but I read online that it can be used for fleas. Anyone that has ever used it please advise.


Dawn Ultra is typically considered safe for cats. It’s critical to dilute it correctly and completely rinse away any residue. Although it can repel fleas and ticks, it is not intended for long-term use. To keep your cat’s skin healthy, use a pet shampoo specifically formulated for cats. If you’re in a pinch, Dawn should suffice, but normal cat shampoo is the best option.

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Even though Dawn Ultra dish soap works well to get rid of fleas, regular cat baths are not the best use for it. Because of its potent recipe, the cat’s skin may become dry and irritated as a result of the natural oils being removed. For routine bathing, think about choosing shampoos made specifically for cats that are mild on their skin and coat.

In small amounts, Dawn Ultra, especially the unscented version, is unlikely to cause serious harm to most cats.

Avoid using dawn. Bathing a cat isn’t really necessary unless they get into anything like skunk marijuana. Give Dr. Bronner’s soap a try.

Skip the Dawn for regular baths. While diluted Dawn can remove fleas in a pinch, it’s harsh for cats’ skin. Look for a cat shampoo for gentle cleaning.