Is Banfield Pet Hospital Good?

Backstory: My cat may have pyometra (just learned that this existed after researching), and I’m trying to find a veterinarian or animal hospital where they can examine her.

I’m not so trustworthy of local veterinarians due to past experiences, so I came across the Banfield Pet Hospital at my local petsmart.

I’m going to go over this weekend to ask them a few questions. But from what I read, they are a business who really focus on money & people have had bad experiences with them. But there are also good reviews.

What can you tell me about the hospital? Is it expensive, has good service, etc? Or does it vary based on the location?

Update: I have found a local vet that will be examining my cat tomorrow, and will be giving her surgery if she needs it! Thanks to all of you for giving me your input.

Update 2: So the vet checked her out and she indeed had pyometra. Luckily that has now been dealt with! My furry friend has been healed and spayed. Once again, thanks to all of you for the input/advice :smiley:

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Banfield Pet Hospital is generally respected for its preventive care and wellness plans. It offers a variety of services across the U.S., including routine and emergency care. Reviews can vary by location, so it’s wise to check local feedback and consult with other pet owners. Banfield’s wellness plans are popular for helping manage veterinary costs, but experiences may differ, so personal research is recommended to see if it suits your pet’s needs.