How to apply for an emotional support animal

Hey there! I am 21 and I deal with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and BPD. My therapist and I talked about having a pet for support before. I had a tortoise, but it died because I got it from a bad breeder. Now, I want to get a cat from the shelter and make it my emotional support animal so I can keep it with me in my dorm. How can I do that?

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I recognize that animals can provide a lot of solace and assistance, particularly for people struggling with mental health issues.

You wish to improve your mental health by having an ESA cat in your dorm.

Here’s what you should do:

Get a letter from your therapist explaining your condition and how owning a cat can assist.

To learn more about the ESA clearance procedure for your dorm, get in touch with the disability office.

Find a cat in a shelter and let them know about your circumstances.

Pets can be quite comforting, and shelters have a lot of amazing kitties! I wish you luck!

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You will require a mental health professional’s “prescription.” This is essentially just a signed statement acknowledging that you are dealing with a mental health issue and that your pet supports you in doing so.

Hey, the 21 years old! Wish to have a cat ESA in your dorm to help with anxiety, depression, etc.? Wonderful concept! Here is a quick guide to it:

  1. Speak with a therapist: Verify that a cat is helpful and obtain a letter outlining your diagnosis and the ways in which the cat assist you.

  2. See the ESA policy for your dorm for information on documentation requirements, permitted pets, and costs.

  3. Adopt a shelter: Give a cat’s situation a rundown and request a feline that will provide emotional assistance.

  4. Obtain the ESA letter: The letter from the therapist is crucial; for further information, check the resources below.

But you need to keep this in mind:

Can you afford cat care (food, vet, litter, toys)? and know they live up to 15 years.