How often do you bathe your cat?

My cat generally doesn’t like a bath so how regularly do you guys bathe your cat?


I’ve got two medium hair cats and I rarely bathe them. Cats are generally good at keeping themselves clean, so I only give them a bath if they get into something really dirty or if there’s a medical reason. For the most part, brushing them regularly helps to manage their coat and keep them clean without the need for frequent baths.

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I never bathe my car normally. I only give my pets her when she gets poop or other debris in her fur.

Interestingly enough, Sphinx cats are an exception to this. Like humans, they must take a bath, and when they are unclean, they seem to leave ugly sweat stains.

Honestly, bathing a cat is more like wrestling an angry tumbleweed! I usually only do it if they get into something smelly.

Bathing a cat that generally dislikes water can be challenging, so I bathe my cat only when necessary, typically every few months or if she gets into something particularly dirty. To minimize stress, I make the process as quick and gentle as possible.

I use warm water and a cat-specific shampoo, and I ensure the bathroom is quiet and calm. I gently wet her fur using a handheld showerhead on a low setting, lather her up, and then rinse thoroughly. After the bath, I wrap her in a soft towel to dry and give her treats and extra cuddles to reassure her. This infrequent but thorough bathing routine helps keep her clean without overdoing it and causing unnecessary stress.

Frankly, bathing a cat feels akin to taming a furious ball of fuzz! Typically, I undertake this task solely if they encounter something malodorous.