How many times a day does your cat use his litter box?

Is this something to worry about, as the topic implies? Has anyone else encountered anything comparable?

He has already used the litter box six times by the time it is one PM in my city.

According to a fast Google search, three to five times a day is typical.

It is true that six times by 1:00 PM might be excessive. It is worth keeping an eye on even though it is not necessarily an emergency.

Using the litter box frequently may be a sign of a health problem, such as diabetes or a urinary tract infection. Although some fluctuation is typical, it is alarming to use it six times by 1:00 PM. To rule out any health issues and guarantee your cat’s wellbeing, keep an eye out for any additional symptoms and see a veterinarian.

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Mine uses the litter box when it wants to… i always want to take it for training but have no best place…any suggestions?