How long will fleas live in a house without pets?

Hey guys, I left my apartment and stayed with my parents for four weeks, bringing my cat with me. While I was there, I found out that my cat had fleas. We treated her, and my parents’ house doesn’t seem to have many fleas now.

When I came back to my apartment without my cat, I got a lot of flea bites on my ankles and feet on the first day.

Since then, I’ve been wearing long socks and covering up all day (it’s winter in NZ, so it’s not too uncomfortable), and I don’t think I’ve gotten any new bites. But I still see about 3-5 fleas every day, so I know they’re still around.

I’ve used flea powder on the rug in my room (the rest of the house has hardwood floors) and have been vacuuming every day.

Two Questions:

  1. Is it likely that I will still see some fleas and get new bites for a few more days even if I vacuum every day? How long will it take before I can be sure they’re gone?
  2. Now that my cat isn’t living with me, I’m wondering if the fleas can survive and feed on human blood alone?


Hey everyone! I stumbled upon this conversation and it sounds like I’m dealing with a similar situation. We live in a wooden house, and our wooden floors have tons of little openings. We’ve tried getting rid of the dogs for about six months now, but they’re still hanging around. It’s been a real struggle, almost feels like we’re haunted by them.
Any advice on what worked for you in the end?

Ugh, that sounds like a frustrating situation with the fleas

It’s great that you treated your cat and took steps to address the infestation in your apartment.