How long do cats sleep at night

My boyfriend got a new cat. She’s 9 months old and really loves cuddling. But at night, she meows loudly and scratches at the closet door, which keeps us awake. I’m wondering if she’ll stop doing this as she gets older.

There are several possible reasons for this behavior, including bored, loneliness, or a desire for attention. :sunglasses:

Cats sleep many times a day instead of all at once. Their naps are usually around 78 minutes but can be between 50 to 113 minutes. They sleep about 18-20 hours a day, sometimes up to 16 hours. How much they sleep depends on their age, what they do, if they’re bored, and even the time of year.

Over 50% of cats sleep between 12 and 18 hours daily, with almost 40% snoozing for more than 18 hours. As cats age, they tend to increase their daily sleep hours compared to their younger years.