How exactly are finger monkeys as pets?

One of my friends wants to get a finger monkey, so I’m curious about how to take care of them. What do you have to do to keep them happy and not angry? Are they like other pets? I heard you need a special permission to have a finger monkey, so how do you get that? I know they’re not common pets, but thanks for any help!

Finger Monkeys aren’t good pets. They’re wild animals that need special homes and care. Regular pet owners usually can’t give them what they need because it takes a lot of skill, space, and resources. But professionals can take care of them properly.

Finger monkeys are social creatures that require a lot of attention, space, and specialized care. They thrive in groups and need a large enclosure with climbing structures and foliage to mimic their natural habitat. Their diet is also complex, and providing them with proper nutrition can be challenging.