How do you compare hairball vs vomit

Hey pet lovers, a new cat owner is here. My 3-month-old boy has been doing well with the litterbox, but this morning I found a strange substance outside my door. It was yellow/brown in color, odorless, and had a paste-like texture. Initially, I thought it might be poop, but he used the litterbox shortly after without any issues. It was easy to clean off the carpet, but I couldn’t see any hairs in it, despite him being shorthaired. He’s eating normally, and his behavior hasn’t changed.


Vomit can include anything your pet recently ingested, such as small fragments of hair, water, food, or plant material. It can also be yellow or green from bile. Most true hairballs are just clear liquid and a matted tube of hair.

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Congrats on your new kitten! I’ve been through similar mysteries with my own cat. I think even shorthaired cats can get hairballs. It might be a hairball without visible hair. Sometimes, cats throw up undigested food, which can look like what you described. Keep an eye on him. If it happens again or if he shows any signs of illness, a vet visit is a good idea.

But since he’s eating and acting normal, it’s probably nothing serious. Cats are full of surprises!

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