How Can I Treat My Cat's Worms Effectively?

Hey guys, I’m still living with my parents and dealing with some mental health issues, so they’re covering all the expenses. But I’m at a loss about what to do for my cat. Last time we tried to give him worm medication, he refused to eat the food, even when we crushed the pill and hid it.

I’m not sure if my parents would be willing to take him to the vet and foot the bill. There are some other reasons why they might not want to, but I’d rather not get into that.


Have you tried other ways to give your cat the medication besides hiding it in food?


Dealing with worms in cats can be concerning, but with the right approach, you can treat them effectively and keep your feline friend healthy.


I understand your situation. If your cat is refusing worm medication, you might want to try other forms like liquid medication or injections prescribed by a vet. It’s essential to address the worms to ensure your cat’s health. If cost is a concern, some vets offer payment plans or financial assistance options.