How can I remove fleas from my house?

Hello guys, I need your help.
Can someone tell me the best way to get rid of fleas from my house?.
Thanks in advance.

Vacuum carpets, furniture, upholstery, and pet bedding. Pay close attention to areas where your pet spends a lot of time. Empty the vacuum cleaner bag or canister outside after each use.


Wash your pet’s bedding, your own bedding, and any other washable fabrics in hot water (at least 140°F or 60°C) to kill fleas and eggs.

Good question. I encountered a similar burden once but since I followed these steps my life has not been the same:

  1. Treat all pets for fleas

  2. Use baking soda

  3. Sprinkle salt

  4. Lemon spray

  5. Wash all bedding in hot, soapy water

  6. Use rosemary

  7. Hire a steam cleaner

  8. Use a powerful vacuum

  9. Use a pet-safe flea spray

For pet lovers, fleas can be frequent visitors in their homes hence need to always look for ways to do away with the fleas.
Fleas can be a nuisance that is why you need to do away with them by:

  • Treat Your Pets: The pets are the main hosts of the fleas therefore to do away with the fleas you start by treating your furry companions. Use flea products specifically designed for pets, such as dips or tablets. Make sure also to treat the pet bedding or dispose it and buy a new set.
  • Vacuum Thoroughly: Vacuum your entire house, paying special attention to areas under and behind furniture where the pets mostly spend their time. Fleas often hide in upholstered sofas and chairs. Empty the vacuum cleaner bag or its contents outside to prevent fleas from reinfesting your home.