Hamsters as an adult

I’m a 25-year-old man who is considering purchasing a few hamsters. Is owning a pet hamster strange for an adult man? I’ve always desired a pet, but due to time or financial constraints, I’ve never been able to care for a dog or cat.

If you want a pet hamster, get a pet hamster. There’s nothing weird about it. You just do you

Owning a pet hamster as an adult is not strange at all! Many adults find hamsters to be delightful pets due to their low maintenance requirements, small size, and playful nature. They can be a great choice if you have limited time or space compared to larger pets like dogs or cats. Hamsters are known for their charming personalities and can provide companionship and enjoyment without the extensive care needs of larger animals. As long as you are committed to providing proper care, enrichment, and a suitable habitat for your hamsters, there’s no reason why being an adult man should deter you from fulfilling your desire to have a pet hamster. Enjoy your journey into pet ownership!