Gps tracking dog collar- Do any GPS dog trackers truly deliver on their promises?

It’s frustrating how many pet tracking products fall short of expectations. Sacrificing GPS accuracy and updating frequency for battery life seems counterintuitive, leaving pet owners with unreliable tracking devices. While some companies prioritize extending battery life to ensure the tracker remains functional even when the battery runs low, it’s disheartening when this compromises the product’s effectiveness altogether.

Finding a pet tracking product that offers both reliable tracking and sufficient battery life can indeed be challenging. However, there are some options available that have garnered positive reviews from users. Look for products with a balance between accuracy and battery life, and consider reading customer reviews and seeking recommendations from other pet owners to find a tracker that meets your needs.

It’s true, some pet trackers prioritize battery life over real-time updates, which can be defeating for worried pet parents.

Maybe companies could offer different tracker models, with some prioritizing long battery life and others focusing on real-time precision.

Have you found any tracker brands that seem to be striking a good balance, or do you rely more on alternative tracking methods like microchipping?