Embrace Pet Insurance Reviews

Just a few weeks ago, I filed a claim with Embrace Pet Insurance for my dog, who has been experiencing elevated liver enzyme levels for the past couple of months. I’ve been a policyholder since August 2021, with an annual deductible of $750. So far this year, I’ve incurred around $1400 in expenses for diagnoses, liver medication, ultrasounds, and more. However, my claim was denied, citing a case of “bloody stool” as a pre-existing condition dating back to May 18, 2021.

Frankly, this denial doesn’t add up. “Bloody stool” should be considered a symptom, not an underlying cause. Moreover, it’s baffling how this issue from May 2021 could have any bearing on my dog’s current elevated enzyme levels.

This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered issues with Embrace’s coverage. A previous claim for dental extraction was also denied due to some vague pre-existing condition loophole.

Paying $90 per month for coverage feels like a waste when they resort to these tactics. If anyone has recommendations for pet insurance providers that offer better coverage and transparency, I’m eager to hear them!

I’ve been looking into pet insurance too, and it can be ruff navigating all the options! Finding a company with clear coverage and good reimbursements is key. One resource I found helpful is Pawlicy Advisor, they compare plans from top providers and explain what’s covered in easy-to-understand language. Having that transparency upfront is a pawsitive sign for me!