Dog toys for heavy chewers: Recommendations!

For reference, I have a chocolate lab mix and she’s currently 9 months old. She’s starting to develop a very bad habit of chewing household items, so taking slippers or our bath mats and chewing on them. This morning I just found a pen that I’m certain my cat knocked over from the desk all chewed up. She’s particular about what she chews in the house which is interesting and we’re also pretty sure she’s hid one of the hats somewhere.

I’ve gotten her everything I can think of that was recommended for dogs that chew a lot. But she’ll just chew through it in under an hour and she even destroyed her bed. Hoping someone here has any recommendations on what I can get her to help, or at least any trainings that actually work to get her to stop chewing household items. She’s still a puppy so I don’t care if she chews up her own things so much, I can replace them but how can I stop her from chewing on my things effectively? :tipping_hand_man:

Is anyone else struggling with this?

Any recommendations for super-durable chews or training methods that actually work?

I’m happy to replace her toys, but I need help stopping her from destroying my belongings

I’ve tried everything I can think of: bought her tons of chew toys, but she destroys them in under an hour, even her own bed wasn’t spared.