Dog stairs for bed

Does anyone have suggestions for steps or ramps that dogs can use to get onto a bed?

A year ago, I purchased stairs for my dog, but she refuses to use them. Do you think a ramp might be more effective? I’ve noticed that ramps typically cost just over $100, but I’m curious if there’s a more affordable option available.

Dog steps are available in various sizes, hence it’s essential to select stairs or a ramp with adequate steps for your dog or cat to use comfortably.
Each step should ideally not exceed a height of 7 inches to reduce strain on joints and facilitate easy climbing up and down.

Dog steps come in different sizes, so it is important to choose stairs or a ramp with enough steps for your dog or cat to use comfortably.
Ideally, each step should not be higher than 7 inches to minimize strain on joints and make climbing up and down easier.

Do you have any tips on how to measure a dog or cat to ensure the steps or ramp height is suitable?

That’s absolutely crucial! Choosing the right size steps or ramp makes a big difference in a pet’s comfort and safety.

Especially for senior pets or those with joint issues, having enough steps with a comfortable height is key.

7 inches or less per step is a great rule of thumb, allowing them to easily climb and descend without straining their joints.