Does pet insurance cover spaying

Hi there, my cat is currently in heat, and I’m considering getting pet insurance to cover the costs of her surgery. What are your thoughts on this idea?

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Most health plans will only pay for spaying or neutering. Most of the time, those are only meant to save you a small amount of money. They do this by either forcing you to use a certain care provider (if the doctor offers one) or by getting you to choose care options that will save the insurance money in the long run.

If paying for a spay or neuter is too expensive, I would wait to adopt until I had a little more money saved up. Wow, it’s so easy to rack up a $1k or more vet bill these days.

Pet insurance typically doesn’t cover spaying and neutering as they are considered elective procedures. However, you can often add a wellness plan to your pet insurance policy that includes coverage for spaying and neutering. Generally, purchasing a pet insurance plan with a wellness add-on just for spaying and neutering coverage alone is not usually cost-effective.