Does anyone know how to get a pet for free?

Hi guys, My parents said I can have a pet if it doesn’t cost anything. I really want a dog, especially a baby one. But I’m okay with a kitten or a cat too. They don’t want to buy a puppy because they don’t think it’s right to buy pets. Is there a website where I can get one for free? If it does cost money, is there one I can buy for less than $100? Thanks!

In case you want a pet for free or at a small fee, the only option available is to adopt the pet.
You can find the pets on online websites such as:

  • Petfinder: This is a popular website where you can search for dogs, cats, and other animals available for adoption from various shelters and rescues
  • Rescue Me!: This is another available website helping various animals find homes. They feature a wide range of breeds and have a large number of animals looking for new families.

In addition to the online sites, you can visit Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations where you can gets for free or at a small amount of fee