Do you have any tips on using pheromone products for cats?

Hello guys, I have three cats - two baby cats and one who is 3 years old. The 3-year-old, Bones, is usually upset because she doesn’t like the baby cats. It’s gotten a bit better over time, but Bones still seems worried and bothered a lot. She doesn’t really play or hang out with the baby cats, except for sometimes making angry noises. I was thinking about using special sprays or collars that have calming scents to help Bones feel better. Has anyone tried these before? Even if the cats don’t become best friends, I just want Bones to feel happier. I’m very careful about trying new things on my cats, so any advice or warnings would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Using calming sprays or collars could be worth a try to help Bones feel more at ease. However, be cautious and consult with a vet before introducing new products, especially if Bones has sensitivities. Additionally, consider providing separate spaces and enrichment activities for each cat to reduce tension. Patience and gradual introductions may also help improve their relationship over time.