Do mother cats still recognize their offspring as their parents if they have lived with their entire lives and never been apart? or do they overlook it

Okay, so our mother cat gave birth to our other cat’s offspring. Now that they are about 15 years old, they definitely don’t behave like mother and son, but do they know? Do they still recall their kinship? I need to know since all the information I can find talks about cats forgetting after being apart, even though these cats have never been apart.

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Cats do not form human-like familial relationships, but they do build social hierarchies. Domestic cats, unlike lions, are not inherently gregarious and only cooperate when it is advantageous or when humans force them to.

In general, cats know each other by smell. So, if cats grow up together and get split up, they might not recognize each other anymore, even if they’re family.

I always knew about the scent identification but never about that distance thingy, I thought they are like dogs???