Do cats have to take baths?

How many times do you wash your cat?

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I wash my cat only when necessary, usually a few times a year at most. Cats are excellent self-groomers, so frequent bathing isn’t usually needed. Over-bathing can strip their skin of natural oils and cause skin issues. If your cat gets into something messy or has a medical condition requiring bathing, consult your vet for guidance on the best approach.

Most cats rarely need baths, as they groom themselves effectively. Only wash a cat if it’s very dirty or sticky, and it can’t clean itself. Some breeds or cats with health issues might need more frequent baths. Consult a vet for specific advice on your cat’s needs.

I don’t own a cat but all you need to know most domestic cats do not need regular bathing unless they get into something messy or dirty.

Most cats self-groom and rarely need baths. Wash your cat only if dirty or recommended by a vet.

That’s correct! Cats typically keep themselves clean through regular grooming. Bathing is usually only necessary if they become unusually dirty or if advised by a vet for specific health reasons.

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I keep my cat’s baths to a minimum—she’s better at self-care than I am! Only when she’s a mess or the vet insists.

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I wash my cat at least once in a fortnight.
At first my cat was hydrophobic, I got a few scratches while trying to groom it,
but it has since got used to water
I recommend regular baths for your cat as they are prone to attacks from fleas, particularly if they interact with other cats

They can also examine the cat’s health, rule out any medical issues, and suggest environmental enrichment to reduce stress and redirect the spraying behavior.

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I second you on that… before that cat unlike the dogs they take long to get used to water

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Here a Vet is needed for advice on what you need to do…

i just was my cat when its necessary…

Who knew cats had their own beauty salon? Most of them are expert self-groomers, so baths are for special occasions.

This is also nice since over- bathing can cause skin issues.

Exactly! All these can be done once you have approached your Vet for consultations.

Dogs aren’t water-phobic, they can survive under heavy rainfall, unlike cats which would die under similar conditions