Can You Scan a Microchip at Home? (Vet Issues)

Hey guys,

So, my friend found this lost dog, and the microchip has an old phone number attached to it. We thought of checking with the vet to see if they could share the information about the past owners, but they refused. Do you think if I buy a $30 chip reader on Amazon, it’ll give me the information I need?

Appreciate any advice you’ve got!

Purchasing a chip reader may seem like a straightforward solution to identify the lost dog’s owners, but it won’t necessarily solve the problem you’re facing.

Buying a microchip reader won’t access the owner’s contact info since it only shows the chip number. Instead:

  1. Visit Shelters and Vets: They can access national registries to find the owner’s details.
  2. Use Online Databases: Check the microchip number on sites like the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool.
  3. Post on Social Media: Share the found dog’s details on platforms and community boards to reach the owner.

These methods are more effective for reconnecting the dog with its owner.

A chip reader shows only the number, not the owner’s details. Try shelters, vets, or online databases instead.

Buying a chip reader won’t directly provide owner info as it only displays the microchip number, not personal details. Instead, visit local shelters or vets who can access pet registry databases, or report the found dog online where the registry can notify the owner. This approach avoids privacy issues.