Can kittens drink dog milk?

My dog thinks she’s having a pregnancy but she’s not, and she’s producing milk. We got a kitten thinking it was over, but now she’s making a lot of milk and the kitten is drinking it. How can I make her stop producing milk?

I wouldn’t recommend giving kittens dog milk. Kittens have specific nutritional needs that are different from puppies.

They require a formula that closely mimics their mother’s milk or specially formulated kitten milk replacer, which is designed to provide them with the right balance of nutrients for their growth and development.

Dog milk doesn’t contain the same composition of proteins, fats, and other essential nutrients that kittens need.

It’s best to consult a veterinarian for advice on proper kitten nutrition if you’re caring for orphaned or weaning kittens.

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What is the kitten’s age? If she was very young, it could provide her with some solace. However, I suppose it depends on how long it has persisted and whether your dog is affected.

While I don’t believe dog milk is nutritionally full for kittens, it’s not dangerous, thus it would be necessary that the kitten continue to consume kitten food or kitten replacement milk. As long as the majority of their diet is kitten-specific, nursing on the dog can significantly aid young kittens who are separated from their mother and littermates who are experiencing severe separation anxiety.

Hi Barbra, Yes, kittens can drink dog milk for a short period, and it won’t be harmful but it’s not ideal due to potential issues like lactose intolerance and nutritional imbalance.

Hi, Dog milk and cat milk have different nutrient compositions. Cat milk is richer in fat and protein, which are essential for the rapid growth of kittens. Dog milk might lack sufficient amounts of these nutrients.

You can take her to a vet to check what might be the issue