Can I give my cat Ativan to alleviate travel anxiety?

Sup good people. I traveled to a family member’s house for the holidays and brought my cat along. The trip was 7 hours, and my cat meowed non-stop for the first 4 hours. I’m heading back home tomorrow and have access to Ativan. Is it safe to give my cat part of a 1mg tablet to help with his anxiety during the trip?

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Thank you, Anonymous, for this question: Can I give my kitty cat a super tiny bit of Ativan to help him after a traumatic experience at the veterinarian’s?

Quorans may know some things but for the most part you are just getting speculative answers from us. We’re not the ones who are qualified to know and advise you. Veterinarians are specifically trained to know and treat a variety of issues, diseases, or injuries so I recommend you go to your vet or phone the vet’s office for advice and for an answer to this question. DO NOT MEDICATE YOUR CAT WITHOUT A VET’S CONSENT. You could inadvertently kill your cat.

No. Ativan is a human drug and many human drugs aren’t safe for animals or don’t work the same way in their bodies.
Consider consulting a vet