Can dogs eat plums?

Hey guys, My mum and my dog share a plum tree that produces way too many plums. To be cautious, my mum took one away from my dog when she grabbed it from the collection basket.

We are aware that the pit has dangers. If my mother were to cut up some flesh for her, could she consume it? All I have read online discusses how dangerous the hole is. Since she has never left the house alone, we could watch over her and prevent her from finishing one.

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Plums should not be fed to dogs. Dogs are extremely poisoned by the cyanide found in the plum pit, not the plum flesh itself, which is not hazardous. Furthermore, the pit may result in intestinal obstructions or present a choking hazard. In addition to being difficult for dogs to digest, plum peel can irritate their digestive systems. It is usually not a problem if a dog inadvertently consumes a small quantity of plum flesh, but it is best to avoid giving them plums completely to avoid any possible problems.