Can cats eat Popcorn?

So, I’m currently interested in certain stuff here about my pet and I have this question because I realized that when I was making my popcorns for the late-night movie, my cat rushed to catch the ones that came out of the pan and ate them, so Can Cats eat Popcorn?

Hey there, I own a cat and I can confirm to you through experience that cats can eat popcorn but in small amounts. Popcorn by itself is not toxic & is considered safe for cats. However, the ingredients in popcorn, such as butter and salt, can pose health risks. If you’re going to give your cat popcorn, make sure the individual kernels aren’t too big to prevent choking or blockage hazards. The safest way to serve a cat popcorn is plain and air popped. Popcorn has low nutritional value for cats and should be just a small treat.

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