Best cleaner for dog urine

My wife handles dog accidents pretty well, but they really gross me out and frustrate me. We have a Bissell, likely a ProHeat variant that’s about 4 years old, but I do not think it is working effectively anymore. We’re already using the strongest cleaning solution available. I am ready to invest some money to fix this problem.

What would you recommend?

Reviving your Bissell ProHeat (if feasible):

Machine Maintenance:
For improved performance, conduct a thorough cleaning of your Bissell. Refer to the user manual (available online via Bissell’s website with your model number) for specific instructions on cleaning the upholstery tool, hose, and internal components.

Replace Worn Parts:
After four years of use, parts such as filters and brushes may need replacement soon. Check Bissell’s official website or authorized replacement parts retailers for compatible components.

Professional Service:
Consider reaching out to Bissell’s customer service. They can assist in diagnosing issues remotely or direct you to an authorized service center for repairs.

Managing the Situation:
Protective Measures:
Wearing gloves and a mask can help minimize discomfort during cleaning tasks.

Delegate or Seek Assistance:
If managing cleanup tasks becomes overwhelming, consider delegating them to your spouse or hiring a professional pet waste removal service.

Positive Support:
Offer encouragement and appreciation to your spouse for managing cleanups effectively.

Exploring New Solutions:
Enzymatic Cleaners:
For persistent pet stains and odors, consider using enzymatic cleaners designed to break down organic matter effectively.

Considering Alternatives (if Bissell revival fails):

Explore New Models:
Research carpet cleaners tailored for pet messes, featuring strong suction and potent cleaning solutions. Some models even offer self-cleaning capabilities to reduce post-cleaning maintenance.

Additional Advice:

Blacklight Detection:
Use a blacklight to spot hidden pet accidents. Treat these areas with enzymatic cleaner before using your carpet cleaner.

Regular Maintenance:
Maintain a consistent cleaning schedule with your Bissell or any new machine, coupled with frequent vacuuming. This helps prevent deep stains and lingering odors from setting in.