Avoid Banfield Pet Hospital at all costs

Hi guys just seen this on a pets community and I need advise before i consider banfield

"I’m uncertain if this post aligns with the guidelines of this platform, and if moderators deem it necessary to remove, I completely understand.

As a current employee at Banfield Pet Hospital, I feel compelled to share my recent experiences.

If you prioritize the well-being of your pet and seek top-tier medical care for them, I strongly advise against choosing Banfield Pet Hospital.

I intend to leave this position soon, and many of my colleagues are either in the process of resigning, seeking alternative employment, or are deeply dissatisfied. One coworker even expressed a commitment to uphold high medical standards, only to find themselves practicing what they consider subpar medicine here.

This corporation shows little regard for its employees, clients, or the animals in its care. The atmosphere at my current clinic has been consistently poor for years. Staff members are severely underpaid and burdened with numerous responsibilities. It’s astonishing how much is expected from Veterinary Assistants (VAs), particularly considering they often lack prior veterinary experience or training. VAs at Banfield shoulder responsibilities comparable to those of veterinary technicians. Meanwhile, vet techs are overextended, handling their own tasks without additional support. Doctors and surgery VAs rarely get breaks, and we’re all pressured to see a high volume of pets daily, compromising the quality of care. Personally, witnessing the level of medical treatment and care provided by Banfield, I wouldn’t entrust my pet to their care. Everyone is exhausted, and double booking appointments, especially for new pets, is deemed acceptable as they aim to enroll more pets in wellness plans.

Speaking of wellness plans, they’re heavily promoted and praised within the organization. However, I didn’t join this profession to focus solely on selling wellness plans; my passion lies in genuine animal care and compassion. I implore you, if you genuinely cherish your pet, reconsider bringing them to Banfield. MARS, the parent corporation, prioritizes profit over pet welfare and exploits its employees to the fullest."

Who has had experience with them and how are they

Legal action probably isn’t necessary (and isn’t worth it over $200—you’d spend more than that taking action).

Instead, talk to a manager or the person in charge at Banfield or wherever the billing is handled. Calmly explain the situation and why you are dissatisfied. If you handle it calmly and provide evidence, they will likely work with you. However, if you signed a contract, it will be much harder to break, even with valid reasons. Many contracts are designed to protect the company, so you might still be legally obligated to fulfill it.

If all else fails, just ride out the contract and cancel when you can without penalty. If it’s cheaper to pay the $200 now than to continue paying for the next few months, consider doing that.

I haven’t personally used Banfield, but based on this post, it might be worth looking into other vet options in your area. Places with better staff morale and focus on quality care might be a better fit for your pet.