Attacked by two Rottweilers

I was out for a short walk with my two small dogs, a Japanese Spitz and a small Bichon Poodle, when I heard growling and saw two dogs pushing their gate open and charging towards us. This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened, so I always carry a thick oak stick for protection. I hit the attacking dogs as hard as I could, even hitting their skulls, and screamed for help. Thankfully, a neighbor heard me and intervened, eventually getting the dogs under control. They explained that their fence wasn’t properly latched due to yard work.

Thankfully, my dogs are safe and unharmed, although I’m still shaken from the experience. My Japanese Spitz has PTSD from a previous incident, and my senior Poodle has diabetes, so the situation could have been much worse. I’m grateful to God that my dogs are okay.

Despite my relief, I’m torn about whether to contact animal control and file a report. While I don’t want the attacking dogs to be put down, I can’t help but worry about what could have happened if they had attacked someone more vulnerable. I’m not very strong, and the thought of another attack terrifies me.

Right now, I’m still scared and considering moving out as soon as possible. The trauma of the incident is overwhelming, and I just want to keep my dogs safe.

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If you are in the US, I think the best thing you can do for your neighborhood is to contact animal control anonymously or you could also file a police report. It is the role of these agencies to contact the owner and analyze if they are in the correct mental state to keep such ferocious pets. In my opinion, a dog that’s often loose is a sign that the owner isn’t taking enough preventative measures.