Are rabbits/bunnies good pets?

I’m thinking about getting a rabbit, and I want to know if they are loving and like to play. I’m worried I might get one and find out they’re not what I expected.

Oh yes. They are definitely great pets. and cheaper to maintain. The only significant cost you will incur is the initial cost of setting up their homes.
Also, a different breed of rabbits exists, so its a range of breeds to choose from

Yes they are very good pets .I have 10 of them and I dont regret having them as my pets

Over the course of my 20 years of owning several rabbits, I’ve discovered that they require relatively little upkeep overall. It’s really simple if you provide them with appropriate housing (not a cage), a healthy diet, and a litter box. Similar to cats, getting them neutered or spayed also significantly reduces certain undesirable behaviors like marking their territory.

Because rabbits are sociable creatures, the only significant daily obligation is the time you must spend with them to maintain their social happiness if you own only one, and brush them during molting season (much like dogs or cats).

Other than that, though, they are rather simple to handle if you have done your homework and are well-prepared.