Why you must stay away from healthy paws pet insurance

Beware of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance! :rage:

Okay, let me start by saying I’m not usually one to post about a business because every business has its own way of functioning, but I really don’t want to see anyone else get trapped by Healthy Paws! :triumph:

So, here’s my story. I haven’t had the insurance for long, but in the month I’ve been with Healthy Paws, this is what happened. I got insurance for my cat, who’s a year and a half old with no preexisting conditions, and my monthly premium is $17.74.

On 12/24/2023, my cat fell extremely ill and had to be rushed to an animal emergency center three hours away because it was Christmas time, and that was the only one open. The emergency visit cost me $1,289.18 out of pocket, which I paid in full in cash at the animal hospital. Before they did any work on her, I confirmed with one of the employees that Healthy Paws would reimburse after a visit to that emergency location. I wasn’t expecting the full $500 reimbursement they claim to offer, but I was expecting at least the $17.74 premium.

When I filed the claim, it took five days just to get a claim number. Then, the claim was denied. :rage: I tried to contact them via email to find out why it was denied, but I got no response. My cat has only been to the vet once to get spayed, and when the vet faxed her records, Healthy Paws claimed they never received them! I got no response email. I refiled the claim two more times, and each time it was denied as a “duplicate claim.” Each time I reached out, I got no response other than the automated email.

To cancel, you have to send an email, letter, or fax. THEIR FAX ADDRESS DOES NOT WORK! THEY DO NOT RECEIVE ANYTHING YOU FAX!!! :rage: I have been waiting four days for them to approve my cancellation request. I will be finding a different pet insurance to cover her. I’ve read some reviews, and they are price predators. Some customers had a 329% increase in premium over just a couple of years, and they wait until your pet is a senior to hike the premium so you can’t change insurances.

Horrible customer service experience and good luck to everyone who uses them! I’m stuck paying them until they approve my cancellation request. :triumph::-1:

Stay away from Healthy Paws! :no_entry_sign::paw_prints:

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I want to tell as many people as possible NOT to sign up for Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. My dog has been insured with them since he was a puppy and is now 11 years old. After 8 years of small to average price increases, the monthly rate has gone up by exactly 50% (to the penny) every single month for the last 3 years.

I dislike it because it has a bilateral exclusion: pre-existing cruciate ligament issues in one leg, affecting coverage for future treatment of the other leg.

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They do not cover examination fees, which can be a significant portion of vet bills, especially for diagnostics.