Why is my pregnant cat meowing so much

A few months ago, I took in a stray cat, and we suspect she’s pregnant. The vet confirmed her enlarged belly and other signs typical of pregnancy. Based on her heat cycle, we estimate she’s about 4-5 weeks along. However, for the past two days, she’s been yowling constantly. Her eating, drinking, and sleeping habits remain normal, but the yowling worries me. Is this typical behavior for a pregnant cat? :speak_no_evil:

I know you are woried about your Cat Yowling during pregnancy, but it’s normal


Some cats vocalize because they are in pain physically, getting ready to give birth. Look out for further indications of pain, such as pacing or restlessness.

This is what you should do:

Provide a box in a quiet area with soft bedding. This will hopefully become her chosen birth spot.

What you described sounds like she is about to give birth. Make her a bed (a cardboard box with towels will do) on the ground, in a safe and quiet room of your house. Stay with her in the room, sit next to the “bed,” and wait.

Your kitty might be yelling more for a few reasons, one is getting ready for babies, she might yell looking for a comfy birthing spot. Make a cozy box with soft blankets for her! Second is wanting some love. Maybe she just wants cuddles! Pet her and chat softly if she yowls more when you’re around. If she seems super upset or not eating, using the litterbox, or has weird discharge, call your vet. Otherwise, it might just be normal pregnancy chat!

What you described suggests that she is soon to give birth. Make her a bed on the ground (a cardboard box with towels will suffice) in a safe and peaceful area of your home. Follow her into the room and sit next to the “bed” while you wait.