Why does my Cat breath stink all of a sudden?

My cat therefore enjoys napping on my chest.

His breath stinks really terrible when he yawns.

I could not smell it at all if he was not close to my face.

Does this call for a vet visit? or im just panicking for nothing

Bad breath :mask: is often a sign of dental disease :tooth:. Have a veterinary professional take a look at your cat’s teeth to see if he needs a dental cleaning.

After a cleaning, maintain his dental health by brushing his teeth regularly. Getting an adult cat used to brushing can take weeks to a month. If he currently has inflamed gums, it’s no surprise he dislikes it. If he still doesn’t tolerate brushing after a proper introduction, consider feeding him a dental diet :shallow_pan_of_food:.

Treats and water additives, even those with the VOHC seal of acceptance, do little to nothing. Brushing and dental diets are the only effective ways to prevent dental issues.