Which would be a better pet—a hamster or a rat?

With the person I’m dating, I was considering getting one; we constantly seeing these cute photographs on Pet Talk Forum, so we should definitely get one! Which one is more affordable, what I need for each, and which one gets sick more frequently?

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For the past five years, I have owned hamsters, and they are quite wonderful. They may be incredibly gentle, and they always seem to have such varied personalities.

Rats can jump farther than you might expect, but I’m sure they can too.

Thinking about a hamster or a rat? Hamsters are cheaper and need less space, but they’re more independent. Rats are social and need more room, plus they like having a buddy around. Rats are generally healthier, but both can get sick. Choose based on what suits your lifestyle and home

After thoroughly researching the differences between hamsters and rats as pets, I believe a rat would be the better choice for me. While hamsters are undeniably cute, rats tend to be more affectionate, intelligent, and interactive companions. Rats are highly social and thrive when kept in pairs or groups, whereas hamsters are typically solitary and can be aggressive towards each other. Rats also seem to form stronger bonds with their owners and can even be trained to perform simple tricks. Additionally, rats are generally less prone to biting than hamsters, making them a safer option if I have young children in the home. The larger size of rats may be a consideration, but their increased intelligence and playfulness outweigh any potential downsides for me. Overall, the research indicates that rats make exceptional pets that are well-suited to my lifestyle and preferences.